Revival Through the Word

We had another great Revival service tonight!  We focused on Psalm 119 and saw how powerful the Word of God is yet again!  The band, singers, choir, tech team, and host team did a fantastic job tonight!  It was a powerful time of worship as we celebrated together.

Tonight, we worshiped to:

I shared the story behind “Make Me Holy” tonight.  I have to admit: I didn’t plan on sharing that story.  You know how Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would remind of us things (John 14:26)?  Before 30 seconds of us singing that song tonight, I had never put two and two together concerning how that song came about.  I told the story about Francis Chan teaching on the difference between character and reputation and how it impacted me.  As we watched that video, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that moment and how that message inspired that worship song.  I pray it was a blessing as Angela sang it wonderfully and led our church in worship through it.

We had a wonderful time in our C-Group time as well.  I love watching how God is uniting our church together and calling us to focus on Him in worship.