What My Boys Will Remember

The Agnews love summertime.  We have had unusual amounts of sweltering heat, but nonetheless, we have enjoyed getting out and doing some fun things.  Whether it’s swimming, running through the sprinkler, or going and visiting people, we have enjoyed some special trips.

It made me think the other day about what my boys will remember from their childhood.  I doubt they will remember every time I told them to behave at dinner.  I doubt that memorable moments will be created if I am stuck playing on my phone.  I doubt they will remember moments when I was there physically but detached emotionally.

Sure, that will leave an impact on them, but it won’t create the moments I am hoping for.

I don’t have a pool, a boat, or a place in the mountains.  But we get creative.  We do some fun stuff.  But in the hectic pace of life, you can see days and weeks and months slip by and not get intentional with your family.

I long for a day when my boys grow up and say, “Dad, remember that time we went riding and…”  “Remember that day when we went to our friends’ pool and you…”  “I never laughed so hard when we were in the back yard and played…”

I don’t want to hear them say, “Dad was busy providing for us that he missed us in the process.”

So, what about you?  What have been the best ways that you have made memories with your children?

3 thoughts on “What My Boys Will Remember”

  1. well, I don't have children, but my favorite memories with my parents are: watching them play church league softball, taking day trips to the beach and back, locking ourselves in our house and unplugging the phone and watching movies or playing games all day- just to name a few.

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