Revival of the Heart

No picture from tonight’s services.  I got the wonderful privilege to preach at South Main about Courageous and fatherhood.  I got to share communion with our worship team and listen to them practice and then head out.

I heard the team did great.  They just led worship with everything they had – nothing surprising there.  I heard Jeff’s message on Psalm 137 was great.  I heard Taylor did a great job leading our C-Group in my absence.  I love that we don’t miss a beat when the “guy on staff” isn’t there.  God is raising up so many quality people around me it is absolutely ridiculous.  I need to find something I can do or else they are going to discover they don’t need me!

Tonight, the church worshiped to:

We’ve been working hard on some of those new hymn arrangements – hope they were a blessing tonight!

I had a great time at South Main.  I love what’s going on over there at that church and excited to partner with them to reach the fathers of Greenwood!  I was supposed to speak for 45 minutes, the problem is I could talk for 45 hours on that topic!  Really blessed by the time there.

Great day.  Now it is time for rest.

2 thoughts on “Revival of the Heart”

  1. Work with a wonderful friend who goes to South Main. She had nothing but good things to say about you! God was definitely using you in a wonderful way!

  2. Valorie H. Walker, thanks so much for those encouraging words! I'll have to pay that friend well for those nice words 😉

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