Why Your Church Needs More Percy Sledges

It’s one of my most anticipated and most dreaded times of the week all at the same time.

It’s Sunday mornings.  I walk across the stage, tune my guitar, turn on my microphone, and attempt to lead people in worship.  What’s so conflicting about my job is that so many people are continuing the song they have been singing all week long, and others are eagerly waiting the opportunity to sit back down.  I love it and dread it all in the same moment.

No matter what service you frequent, when someone asks you to stand and sing, I think you need to open your mouth and give it everything you got.  And here’s why:

We sing because mere words cannot suffice.  I can’t just say my God is great.  I’ve got to sing it.  I must shout it out or else I’m going to just burst.  He is worthy of more than words.  He is so worthy that when I mention Him, the soundtrack of heaven must accompany my efforts.  Our God deserves more than mere words.

I don’t know what Percy Sledge’s speaking voice sounds like, but I imagine if he recorded his voice telling us that he loved his significant other a whole bunch, it probably wouldn’t move too many people.  But you are profoundly moved when you hear him reach down in his soul and cry out, “When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothing else, he’ll trade the world for the good thing he’s found.”  You buy it.  You may not know her, but you do believe that he loves her simply by the way he sings about her.

Imagine a non-Christian walking into church next Sunday and sitting beside you.  They don’t know our God yet, but would they be convinced that He is great based upon the way you sing to Him?

Earlier, I mentioned that when some people come to worship, they are simply continuing the song they’ve been singing all week.  You want to know the best way to prepare for next Sunday’s worship at your church?  Worship now.  It’s Monday.  Your worship leader is not with you.  Your church’s band or choir is not nearby, but God is.  And he is worthy of worship right now.

Some of my most meaningful times of worship is when no one else is around.  I dare you to get out a worship CD, find a clip on YouTube of your favorite worship song, or just sing your favorite hymn all by yourself.  Whether you think you have a singing voice or not, God’s Word is full of commands to sing to him.  He gave you your voice, so he’s not going to be shocked by what comes out of it!  He will be honored by how your heart directs it.  You have no idea how it would thrill the heart of God for you to worship him right now.  I dare you.

1 It is good to praise Yahweh,

to sing praise to Your name, Most High,

2 to declare Your faithful love in the morning

and Your faithfulness at night,

3 with a ten-stringed harp

and the music of a lyre.

4 For You have made me rejoice, Lord,

by what You have done;

I will shout for joy

because of the works of Your hands. -Psalm 92:1-4


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