Values of a Disciple-Maker

Cannot begin to put into words what is happening at North Side in these days.  This morning, I was reminded of how focused, committed, determined, passionate, and sacrificial our church is becoming.  God is on the move, and it is amazing to watch!

We continued in our “Intentional Discipleship” series today as we talked about the values of a disciple-maker.  My notes have that someone who is serious about making disciples is someone who commits to authority (God’s Word), intentionality, maturity, and accountability.  People are stepping up to make disciples – not more programs, but to get into the lives of people and see multiplication rather than just addition.

It was great to surprise Stan Ligon today.  As Jamie Parler and Stan shared a testimony about the power of small groups, we wanted to thank this disciple-maker by allowing some of his guys to say thanks over a secret video.  It was pretty awesome to watch Stan talk about how much he needed these guys then followed by the guys saying how much they appreciated and needed him.  Kingdom living!

Today, we worshiped to:

Our band was pretty big on the stage today, I think we had 15 people in the crew.  It was great!  We had some new faces that are starting to help as well, and I love their heart for worship.  Our worshipers are getting more and more every week.  It is overwhelming to hear the response each week.  I truly do believe God has been honored in our midst!

We’ve subtly been changing some way we are doing our services too, and I am loving it.  We just threw some things out the window that we were doing out of tradition (40 year old traditions and 4 month old traditions), and we got to what we thought would be honoring to God most of all.  I am loving seeing it all come together!

BIG NEWS: Next week, our schedule officially changes.  Our worship services will be at 9:30 and 11:00 with discipleship groups for all ages at both times as well.  Make sure you check the website, call the church office, or whatever you need to do this week to make sure you are prepared when you come to the church house on Sunday.  Can’t wait for the next chapter of what God is doing at North Side!