“We Said We Would Never Visit North Side…”

Yesterday, I talked about how North Side is experiencing incredible growth even during a time of transition.  Normally, you are supposed to lose people when you make changes to your church, and in reality, we are gaining people.  Lives are being transformed by the gospel.  People are being baptized.  All ages are signing up for discipleship groups and service groups.  It’s been amazing to watch!

I wanted to tell you one story that we have heard through this time of change.  A couple recently moved to Greenwood who had been church leaders in another state.  As they began their time of searching for the right church, someone invited them to come to North Side.  They checked out the website, asked some questions about the church, and told this person they wouldn’t come.  They had doctrinal stances they had to ensure which our church met with no problem.  But they had one other criteria as far as looking for a church that was a non-negotiable for them.

Do you know what the one criteria they had that was hindering them from coming to North Side?

They promised they would never be a part of a church that had different styles of worship because it spoke to them that it was a divided church.

The person inviting them urged them that it wasn’t a divided church and they should try it out.  They said they would give it one shot, but they did not plan on staying there because if the people couldn’t gather together and worship in the same way, they were essentially two different churches under one roof.

You ready for the rest of the story?  On the 1st and only Sunday they had committed to checking out the church, Jeff mentioned for the 1st time concerning our recommendation to go to united worship.  It had not been mentioned from the pulpit before until that day.  They hung around long enough to see our church to affirm this position, move in this direction, and join this Body as involved members of North Side.

Isn’t God amazing how he works?  While some may worry that change loses people, we have once again seen that good change, biblical change, brings about an even more sincere devotion to Kingdom work!  Godly people who are committed to the truths of God’s Word and bonded by the unity of the Spirit rally around change that is rooted in the Word of God!

I’m glad this family did give us a shot.  And I’m also so glad this week that on our website and promo information, we don’t have options for contemporary or traditional headings.

We simply have: worship.