“So, How Did the Change REALLY Go?”

In the recent weeks, I have learned that there have been 3 people very interested in the changes going on at North Side.

  1. North Siders – This group has been interested in how all of it would look when the dust settled and the new day was here.  What would worship be like?  Where would their families go?
  2. Other Greenwood Churches – We also have heard that it’s been quite the conversation among other churches, and even in some churches, people have attempted to lure people to their congregation because their worship style was something they would enjoy better (that’s on both the contemporary and the traditional side).  I guarantee if someone leaves one church because of music and find refuge in another, those are the type of members who leave the 2nd church one day as well.  It’s like young ladies who feel like they have to advertise to get a man.  Whatever it takes to get him will be what takes him one day.  The same is true with churches.
  3. Other Church Leaders – Along the way, I’ve been contacted through this blog, Facebook, or email with questions how we are going about these changes.  It seems there are a lot of churches who desire unity as well.  Many congregations are tired of the church buffet lines, but we served as the “guinea pig” to many of them.  If it works here, maybe it could work there too was the thought process.

So, I posted on Sunday that Sunday was a great day, and it was.  I believed it was going to be a great day, but I didn’t think it could have gone that smooth.  But many people emailed me on Monday morning and said, “OK, you can tell me, how did the change REALLY go?”  As if Sunday everyone would be all smiles, but then Monday morning, our inboxes would be overflowing with hate mail.

So, how did the change REALLY go?

It was and it is fantastic.  In all the conversations that I or the other staff have had so far (and they have been plenty), I believe there has been one civil conversation with someone who wasn’t a raving fan of it but they are trying.  The other comments?

  • “You could feel the unity and focus on Sunday morning.  We were ONE family.”
  • “I loved seeing people older than me in that service.  I so badly want to learn from those who have walked this path before me.”
  • “I sat and worshiped beside families of 4 different generations on Sunday.  It was beautiful.”
  • “I never realized we had so much talent in our church.”
  • “I loved worshiping beside my sons, it kept me on my toes!”
  • “God was honored in this place today because we all died to self.”
  • And so many more!

I’m not saying that at some point we won’t have some people who regret the change we’ve made.  I know there are conversations that happen outside these church offices, but I want to encourage anyone out there who desires to follow God in the difficult ways in your church and are afraid.  If you are following Jesus based on biblical convictions and not adapting to the church flavor of the month, go forward in the Word and on your knees, and be amazed at what God can do through your church!