The Keys to the Kingdom

We had a great day as we wrapped up our “Intentional Discipleship” series.  It’s been amazing to hear the stories of people who are taking the job of disciple-maker very seriously.  I love hearing about all the different ways people are investing in others!  We’ve also been amazed at how well family worship has been and how much our children have been getting out of the new schedule.

Jeff’s message was so great.  I loved the emphasis he put on keeping the Sabbath and maintaining rest.  It is definitely something we have to be on the regular to watch out for.  Phil Zigos did a wonderful job leading a prayer time for America on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  We also were able to ordain Dan Flint into the ministry and pray for our mission team leaving next week (Jeff Lethco, Jukie Leary, and Martin Ridgeway).  Love the prayer focus today!

Today, we worshiped to:

We had a true bluegrass portion of worship today as I broke out the hammered dulcimer for the first time accompanied by a banjo and mandolin.  I’m still working on that instrument, but I enjoyed bringing it out and leading worship with it for the whole service.  The entire group did wonderful!  We had 14 instruments on stage in addition with a bunch of singers.  Loved hearing the loud worshipers today.  Our church is getting it!

Next week, we dive into a 2-week “Courageous” series I am thrilled about.  See you there!

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  1. I loved the sound of the hammered dulcimer. You really did a great job and I hope you include it in services as often as possible.

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