Prepare the Way for the Lord

I was so thankful that my buddy, JW, got to lead us in worship today at North Side!  We did a highlight for our Sonshine ministry at North Side, and Greg Thompson and JW helped us be mindful of how God is using all of North Side.  After the video, they both shared, JW prayed and then led in worship to “I’ll Fly Away.”  Awesome time!

Today, we worshiped to:

Leading from the piano is always a fun challenge for me, but I had a blast with it this morning.  Our crew did such a wonderful job.  In addition to the band songs, the last song we sang to an Igniter Video track.  The video, walking through the life of Jesus, is so powerful – it was an intense time of worship!
Jeff’s message was spot on as we focused on John the Baptizer.  The message of repentance and humility was so convicting.  Loving our times together, and I can tell those families who are worshiping together before they come.  So awesome all that is happening!