Water You Turned Into Wine

What a great to day to be a part of North Side!  Grateful for all the wonderful things going on!  Remember: 1. The Fall Festival this Saturday from 3-5.  Thanks Georges for reminding us!  2. Africa interest meeting tonight at 6 pm in the chapel.  3. Families are growing stronger since this move to united worship.  It was awesome hearing those stories today!

Jeff’s message was the BEST message I ever heard on John 2 when Jesus turned water into wine.  It was the ONLY sermon I’ve ever heard on that passage, but even if I had heard tons, that dog would hunt (that’s country slang meaning it was great!).  I never knew all the implications of what happened.  Huge message!  Check out this Baptist preacher talk about alcohol in a completely different light!

We had a great family worship last night where we talked about this passage.  Getting ready for services this morning, I asked the boys, “What did Jesus turn water into?”  Since wine isn’t a word we use around the house often, they were trying their hardest to come up with it.  I helped them out by starting with the “w” sound.

Obadiah said, “Waffles?  Jesus turned water into waffles.”

Almost.  Well, he could have if he wanted to!

Today, we worshiped to:

Powerful day of worship!  I love it when I hear the worshipers over the band and singers!  Great day.  Everyone did a fantastic job in making it a special service.  We worked very hard on the arrangement of “It Is Well” that will be on the upcoming hymns album.  While the arrangement has some pretty special moments, Stacy singing it adds a whole other dimension.  This weekend is the 2-year anniversary of her son, Stephen’s, death.  For her to sing that song with such passion and honesty is worship at its truest sense.
So proud to serve a church full of lifestyle worshipers!