Songs of Our Faith [Recap]

I was absolutely blown away last night during our night of worship.  So much work went into pulling yesterday off.  From Anthony Gravley working hard in the studio, to Evan Boney working tirelessly on loops and programming, to the band working tirelessly on these ambitious arrangements, to the singers singing their faces off, to Jessica, Jamie, Cory, and the rest of the North Side staff working so hard on details, to the wonderful tech and host teams who had everything so well thought out, to the Watkins who went over and beyond in preparation, to the guest choirs that joined us (North Side was joined by New Life Baptist McCormick and Erskine Gospel Choir), it was a family effort through and through!

We were able to help raise support for Meals on Wheels.  We had a great time of just being family during and after.  Wonderful time of communion.  Songs of Our Faith album finally released.

And we worshiped with everything we had.  I have never heard that room so full of not a mixed band or group, but the volume was coming from the worshipers.  It was incredible.  So much I want to share, and I will in the coming days, but today, I am just grateful that this wonderful team allows me to lead worship alongside them and this wonderful church allows me to be a part of the ride.  Grateful.

Here are some more photos from the night:


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