Happy Thanksgiving

In the last week, the Agnews have been busy.  It’s actually been a busy couple of months for us really.  We rounded up last weekend with a wedding I officiated with some dear friends.  The picture above is Eli and Obadiah getting dressed up in the photo booth at the wedding reception.

From there we were able to have our album release worship service, get a lot of stuff done in the office, work on a bunch of home projects over the week.

These boys, and their lil’ sister on the way, bring so much joy to my life.  With busy weeks and exciting stuff happening, they are always there to remind me of the important things in life.  Very thankful today.

When asked this morning what they were thankful for, they said:

Obadiah: “Doors.  I’m thankful for doors.”

Eli: “I’m thankful my toes hurt.”