Feeding the 5,000

Happy New Year’s everyone!  We started out 2012 in a fantabulous manner at North Side this morning.  I had the privilege of coming and worshiping with my family and being led by some wonderful people!

First off, Ben Hjalmer, our student pastor, preached for us on Jesus feeding the 5,000.  He preached his face off!  I love getting to hear Ben speak because of his genuine passion, but he took it to another level today.  It was fantastic.  I still got my bag, and planning on giving what I got and watch Jesus do amazing things with it!

We also were privileged to be led in worship by our student band.  This group leads at the Peak on Wednesdays.  At North Side, we always include our students in leading worship, but I can honestly say, I have never heard a group so polished and known a group more committed.

I told this to the group afterwards that it’s typical to hear people say: “That group did great for a bunch of teenagers.”  Unfortunately, I can’t say that.  They just did great period.  Teenagers, adults, you name it, they were a great group of worship leaders all around.  As tight as could be, as focused as could be, I closed my eyes and thought these guys could be musicians much older and experienced than what they were.  They love Jesus and are committed to His Church.  They were and are fantastic!

Today, we worshiped to:

Loved it all the way through.  Hate I’m working myself out of a job!

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