The Health of Your Heart

What a powerful day today!  Band, singers, choir, tech team did awesome today!  All I did was give an announcement and be led in worship by some fantastic people.  Wonderful prayer time.

Loved that one of our host team preached for us today.  Jerry Rentz, door greeter extraordinaire and elder at North Side, brought the Word today!  He did great.  Love his passion and his authenticity.  Learn from him so much!  He shared a lot of what God has been teaching him in 25 years of dedicated service in prison ministry.  When he said that some of the most passionate, godly men he knew were behind bars, it woke me up.

I had someone come up to me after 1st service and say, we better watch out or some church may hire our greeter as their preacher.  He then said, “How could you not hear God speaking to you today?”  I agree.

Today, we worshiped to: