It’s Always Better With People Like This Around

Tuesday night, I huddled up members of our worship team and shared some direction I’ve been feeling for 2012.  As we completed our last recording project, God had been pressing on my heart a few different things, and over the course of the last couple of months, through prayer and study, I really have fleshed out a direction that I feel like would be honoring to God.

The only problem with sharing it with this group is: the plan sounds kinda crazy.  It’s very different.  It’s pretty ambitious, and there’s a lot that someone could look at say, “There’s no way that’s gonna happen.”

In that meeting, I was shocked to find something completely different.

In that meeting, I found brothers and sisters who affirmed how God was leading.  There was no naiveté in the room – everyone understood what we were up against and yet everyone wanted to jump in and tread through the fire with me.  These talented people that a congregation sees on stage are godly people who have faith big enough to risk something when God asks of them.   And there time off stage completely validates their time on stage.  We sought the Lord, we affirmed each other, and we committed to God in prayer that we will go forward.

I can’t wait to share with you the plans in the coming days.  But until then, today’s plea for you is this – if you want to attempt God-sized goals, you better surround yourself with godly people.  Anyone else will talk you out of it.  You want the type of people around you who would “charge hell with a water gun” believing they could take it.

The relationships you have will make or break you.  It’s as simple as that.  If you feel God leading you to something, you better have some people around you that know His voice so well that can affirm it and walk with you through it.

Today, I’m excited.  I’m expectant.  And, I’m grateful.