The Worst Sign I’ve Ever Seen

We’ve been remodeling our home recently which has had me out getting different needed things for the house.  One day, as I was rushing through an aisle, a sign grabbed my attention.  I do believe that it is the worst sign I’ve ever seen.  It is unfortunately honest for many men, but it makes me want to vomit.

And it reads:

“I’d rather be lost at the lake than found at home.”

Does it make people chuckle as they go by?  Sure.  Do we know men who this sign (or a variation of this sign) should belong to?  Probably, and that is why it is so tragic.

Men who chose a hobby over their children are losing impressionable, precious years that they will never get back.  It will be curious to see when the roles are reversed and the father is in need of attention and care how this children will respond.

I don’t believe that men shouldn’t have hobbies.  I think that is healthy when it is at a healthy amount.  But when men use every evening and every weekend when they are not working to work on their hobbies, they are missing out on their God-given responsibility.

Sorry, I don’t think this sign is funny.   I don’t think it is cute.  And I’m close to going back into that store and breaking the sign in half.

Our children and wives deserve better, fellas.  I pray that this sign is never given to us as a gift because the message lines up with our lives.