Sermon Remix: 2011

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of weeks some pretty exciting stuff coming up for North Side Worship this year.  I’ve talked about how we plan on discipling our church through our worship ministry.  I shared with how I felt the Holy Spirit was leading to a pretty big initiative and our team jumped at all the opportunities.  Let me now share our 1st offering coming your way very, very soon.

In many of our previous recordings, we have included a spoken-word track.  On Overcome, it was a message that was trimmed down from 40 minutes to 4 minutes with some music written for the piece.  The sermon served as a catalyst for the entire album and really summed up a lot of how God was leading our church at that time.  Jeff was originally against the idea because he didn’t want to have a lot of focus upon him.  I was able to talk him into it, and since we have released that album, I have heard more encouraging words concerning the track “Don’t Give Up” over any other track on the entire project.  It is powerful.

And I’ve always wondered: what would it be like if an entire project was dedicated to a sermon remixes?

And that’s exactly what we are going to do.

We sat down and looked over all of the messages from 2011.  We had 8 major series.  Jeff selected 1 sermon from each of those series that he felt were pivotal to our church family last year.  As we listened to them, it was crazy how those messages summarized what God did among us in 2011.  Our worship team has been in the process for the last couple of weeks of trimming down these messages by 90% (which is an impossible task with so much good info contained in each one).  We are now composing and recording music to go along with each one.  Those that have peeked their ear in on the process thus far have been blown away.

This 8-song EP will have original music composed, recorded, and complied with these messages to serve as a sort of time capsule for these messages.  Instead of these wonderful biblical truths going out of our memories years later, we will use this project to succinctly remind us and change us due to these pivotal, biblical truths.

Here is the track listing:

    1. The Manifold Wisdom of God (1/9/11)
    2. If I Could Do It Over (2/13/11)
    3. Derailed by Disunity (3/6/11)
    4. Holy Matrimony (5/15/11)
    5. The Love of God (5/27/11)
    6. Stages of Discipleship (8/22/11)
    7. As Far As It Depends on You (9/18/11)
    8. Do You Want to Get Better? (12/18/11)
Some of these titles are different than the original message, but these tracks are hopefully going to encourage you, equip you, challenge you, and motivate you to follow Christ even more.  The project, “Sermon Remix: 2011,” will be available on March 18th at North Side and on iTunes.  We hope you are excited as we are about this 1st stage in a pretty exciting year (I’ll be sharing more soon, I promise).  But for right now, we would appreciate your prayers and can’t wait to get it in your hands and in your hears.  If you weren’t able to hear the “Don’t Give Up” track, you can listen to it (and even download it for free!) below and get ready for the next ones coming your way.

Don’t Give Up by tagnew