Who is Jesus to You?

It was a powerful time together as the church this morning!  We started off our services with a rousing reading of Phil. 2:1-11 and went straight into the worship set focusing on the words: “every knee will bow and every tongue confess.”  We used a 5-piece acoustic group this Sunday which was a fun, percussive setup.

Today, we worshiped to:

We also promoted the Marriage Getaway through a fun means.  Here is the video we shared:

You can sign up for the Marriage Getaway here.

Goodness gracious, we heard some preaching today.  I had so many people stop me today in a serious manner to talk about the message.  One particular was, “This message isn’t engaging, it’s captivating.  Nothing to explain it other than the anointing of God!”  Another comment was, “I hope North Side truly understands the unique blessing we have to be taught like this every week.”

Couldn’t agree more!  That’s why I am so excited about this!  God is on the move around here!  Don’t miss it!