Recap from Songwriting Retreat

North Side is blessed with some wonderful musicians.  I’m blown away I get to even be a part of this talented and godly group.

We also are blessed with some wonderful songwriters.  While different members have written songs, we have never written songs together.

Until Saturday.

I hauled everyone up in our house.  Split everyone into teams.  And then I was amazed by how the Holy Spirit led our time together.  Here was the secret to our time together:

We studied Scripture and prayed.

We didn’t try to attach God’s Word to these songs, we attempted to sing God’s Word.  Those are very different approaches.  We let God direct the songs rather than us asking Him to bless our efforts.

I believe the Holy Spirit has led us to do some very different things with our worship team this year.  I have already told you about our Sermon Remix album coming out very soon, but there are some other things we are working on at the same time.  In our time together on Saturday, we started working through another project.  I would give these teams some Scripture to study together, give them 1-2 hours, then let them come and lead the rest of the group with what they had worked on.  Since I haven’t ever written with anyone else, I was unsure how this process would go.  All I can say is I wish we would have done this sooner.

In the coming weeks, we are going to be sharing some of the songs we are working on, and I cannot wait to hear our people worship with them.  And I can’t wait to share with you more of this journey.  For right now, we would appreciate some prayer partners as we continue to follow God down this path!  Thanks!