Your Father the Devil

We were so honored to have the Faith Home choir help lead us in worship this morning.  Mama Barnes of course had the place dancing and shaking as always.  She and her choir did a wonderful job of worshiping Jesus and leading us to do the same.  Faith Home is a Christian recovery program that we partner with here in Greenwood.  You can get more info on their ministry here.

Today, we worshiped to:

The band played the first and the last song with the Faith Home, while the Faith Home did the songs in the middle.  Wonderful day and got to meet so many new brothers and sisters today.  One lady in the choir asked, when she got out, could someone like her come to our church.  “You are more than welcome to be a part of this family,” I replied.

“I’ve got some issues.”

“So does everyone else in here, I promise.  We are not a perfect church because we let people like me in,” I told her.

As I worshiped with our church family today, it was one of those days I was so grateful for the diversity of North Side.  Love that we don’t cater to any type of group.

Jeff’s message was incredible today!  He talked about Jesus’ statement that people can’t follow Christ because they are following their father, the Devil.  Powerful stuff.

Just a reminder: our sermon remix 2011 album comes out next week!  It will be 10 tracks and available at North Side for $7.