Choosing Football Over Children

Meet Jay Jones. Jay is the Sheriff of Lee County in Opelika, Alabama. As Sheriff Jones courageously strives to keep his county safe, he oftentimes has to get creative with how to enforce the law.

On July 29th, 2011, Sheriff Jones and his police force created a sting, Operation Iron Snare, to round up suspects who were wanted to pay more than $270,000 of unpaid child support.

Each of these individuals received a letter saying they had won two tickets to this year’s Iron Bowl game between Alabama and Auburn. The address used was the same addressed used in unsuccessfully trying to get them to pay child support. One by one, these suspects filed into a festive atmosphere to claim their tickets where they were later arrested and transported to the Lee County Detention Facility.

See the video here:

Each hour, fathers poured into the building to receive a prize of two tickets to a football game but were unwilling to provide for and protect their family. This story speaks more than just those unable to provide financially for broken homes. It reveals what we often see in the heart of men: an unwillingness to resolve to do the right things.

It’s time to resolve to be the spiritual leader in your home. It’s time to accept responsibility for your family’s well-being. It’s time to make and live by that decision.

Maybe you are providing financially for your family, but are you providing all that God has required of you? Are you ready to man up and be all that God has called you to be?