Now I Can See

Crazy good day with North Side.  We finished up John 9 in “Knowing Jesus” with the man who once was blind but now can see.  For a bluegrass section at the end of the service, I was even able to talk Jeff into playing banjo with us at the end.  So, so good.  In addition to preaching a fantastic sermon today, he also played some mean banjo.

Today, we worshiped to:

While we felt the need to change some things up this morning, it was great to see the team come together.  At the end of the message, we had to sing “just like the blind man, who God gave back his sight, praise the Lord, I saw the light.”  We were blessed to have a gospel quartet from our worship team lead us in that with all kinds of bluegrass instrumentation.

We also led a new song today called “It is Finished” that was written by our worship team in recent months.  I will hope to explain why this was written tomorrow on the blog, but let me just say, I was overwhelmed with the response from our church today concerning this song.

I think we have been so analytical concerning this song that we have forgotten the worship that happened the first time we all sang it together in my living room.  While we had changed so many things about that song, many people today heard it for the first time.  The spontaneous ways people worshiped to it were very humbling.  And I have never, in all my years of serving as worship pastor, had so many people come up to me after the service to say something about a song.  The compliments were from every generation and every background.  It was very unique.  Hearing hundreds of people worship to a song that is only moments old to them was very special.  Can’t wait to share more with you!

Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice.  It is finished.