I Am the Door

Well, I planned today’s service with the good possibility of me not being there due to the baby’s arrival.  While our band never needs me there, they really didn’t need me there today, so it was good just to come in and sing and play along with them.

They are so good, I’m honored they let me play and sing with them!  And that is the truth.

Wonderful day with North Side today!  Continuing on through John, we arrived at John 10 today focusing upon Jesus’ statement: “I am the door.”  I have really loved this “Knowing Jesus” study.

Speaking of doors, Ms. Rosalie Cromer is normally seen opening doors on Sunday mornings for our worshipers, but today she was opening another kind of door.  I asked her to read one of her poems that she has written during our worship today.  Her poem, “The Greatest Desire of My Heart,” went perfectly into John’s song, “May Your Life Be.”  It was almost as if the 2 of them wrote those pieces together!

She read from her book of poems entitled “If.”  We have copies in the bookstore or you can get them online here.

Today, we worshiped to:

It was great to hear everyone sing out today especially on the new songs.  Love seeing how an entire set is either originals or original arrangements.  God’s doing something very unique in our midst.  We gave a snippet of “Risen” that we will sing in it’s entirety on Easter Sunday so you can be ready to go next week!

Jeff’s message was so solid.  I was grunting and amening a whole bunch.  While I can’t wait to meet our daughter, I have to admit, I’m glad I didn’t miss out on worshiping with my church family today!