The Death of Lazarus

It was great to be back at North Side this week!  We had a wonderful day focusing upon the first part of John 11 on the death of Lazarus.  Jeff’s message was so good!  He talked about how Jesus loved Lazarus and his family and yet he still waited to come.  He could have come and healed his body, but he wanted them to experience the glory of God even more!

We were blessed to have the Erskine College Gospel Choir lead us in worship today!  Their director, Tobe Frierson, is also an admission counselor at the school and has been leading this choir for a few years now.  Many of those students worship with us at North Side and some of them are a part of my Wednesday night group.  They did incredible!  Love their sound and their passion for Jesus!  If you are interested in hearing them again, their concert will be held at Erskine on Sunday, May 6th.

Today, we worshiped to:

Got some special stuff in store next week for the conclusion of this passage.  Can’t wait for next week!