Bad Church Sign: Stolen AC

This week’s bad church sign says:


Let’s just say that you were the person who stole that unit.  You went to that church intentionally because you know you could easily acquire them.  You either needed the money or you wanted the cool relief in your home.  You decided stealing was your best option and the catalyst could have been a many different issues.

As you drive by this church after the robbery, you notice this sign.  It is intended for you.  What do you think this message accomplished for the thief?  Love to hear your thoughts.

1 thought on “Bad Church Sign: Stolen AC”

  1. Just another church sign that reveals the major error you almost always find inside organized religion. I strongly believe in the scriptures. But I do not believe churches do a good job at reflecting the Truth. For any church to condemn someone to Hell goes to show just how far from the intended path it is. And a pastor who posts such a stupid sign is likely leading a whole group of people astray. We don’t need churches. We need to put down what we are doing and daily devote ourselves to the scriptures right at home. If we’re no good at being our children’s educators then what good are we as parents? I homeschool my kids because THAT is what we are supposed to do. Raise our children. Not let some institution do it 40 hours a week. But look how many people send their kids to school! Goes to show that the evil world can indeed fool the masses.

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