The Anointing of Jesus

What a great morning.  The boys normally go to soundcheck with me, but birthday boy Obadiah was extra rowdy on the drums this morning.

It was such a powerful time of worship today at North Side.  I can’t begin to tell you how much the Holy Spirit united the service today.  There are times when we plan elements together and it’s great to watch them fall, and then, today, I listened to Jeff preach his sermon and use words that were verbatim of the last song we were going to do after his message on Mary anointing the feet of Jesus.

I figured he had looked at the flowsheet and studied the lyrics, but something also told me that maybe this was a God orchestrated thing.  Turns out he didn’t know what the lyrics of the last song were, but as he preached in his message about “focusing on the gift instead of the Giver…Giver of every perfect gift…being satisfied in only Jesus…”  It was wild.

Today, we worshiped to:

We did two new songs today.  I’m normally against that much new songs, but the service called for them.  Both “Enter His Gates” and “It’s You” will be on the next North Side Worship album entitled “Enter His Gates” which will be out in June!  I was amazed at how much people were singing out to the first one and overwhelmed at the sincerity in people for the second one.  Love how God is putting our worship together and, after such an incredible message on worship, I pray God continues to grow us and shape us into a worshiping body.

“If there’s one thing I can’t get over, it’s You.”