What Need Grabs Your Heart the Most?

There are many needs in the world. You can’t do something about all of them, but you can do something about some of them. You can spend your life focused on confronting evil, pursuing justice, and loving mercy. Your life can potentially change the lives of others.

As you go through life, you probably resonate with certain needs more than others. We are each wired differently — that’s the beauty of the Body of Christ!  It’s best for each of us to specifically get involved in a need we are passionate about.

What causes grabbed your heart when you were growing up?

We each have family and/or friends that have experienced enslavements or injustices in their lives. What situations have grieved your heart deeply to people close to you?

Out of all the needs talked about in this session, which of the needs grab your attention the most? Why?

Are there any common threads in these lists? Do any of these needs rise to the top? To make a change somewhere, select one need that you are most passionate about and decide to do something about it.  Think through this:

The need:

Why did you select this one?

What ministries or groups are already active in this cause?

How could you use your time and energy to do something about this situation?

Pray for the people affected by this circumstance. Pray that you will not settle into sympathy, but that a passion will mobilize you. Commit to partnering with God to do something about the situation and share it with your group.