“My Portion” – Storytellers

“You can take all the pleasures of this world, for You are my portion.”

I wanted to share another story behind the song from one of the tracks off of our “Enter His Gates” album (You can get your copy of the album at the church or on iTunes).  Track #11 is entitled “My Portion” and was birthed out of a United Youth Worship event we were having at North Side.

I was gathering together a collective of worship leaders from different churches to form a band for the event.  As we prayed about songs, I felt led that a message needed to be sung that we couldn’t find the perfect song for, so we wrote it.

The scriptural basis comes from the Levites who were worship leaders of Israel.  As they began to divide the Promised Land between tribes, the Levites received no portion of land.  Instead, their portion was promised to be the Lord.  You heard me right.  They got no land, but they got Yahweh instead.  They got the better end of the deal!

Angela sang the song that night, and she added so much to it, I was thrilled that she sang it on the recording as well.  Angela has a unique gift to sing with passion without getting pitchy.  It’s hard to accomplish heart and accuracy at the same time, but she conveys it on this track.  There are so many things that also make this track special with Cory’s wonderful guitar parts and John’s great harmony ideas.

You can get your copy on iTunes here or take a listen below: