No Matter the Roughness of the Road

When we were in Africa, we got the privilege to be a part of Hausa Church one Sunday morning.  As we sat on the dusty porch with flies swarming us, I would hum along to whatever song our worship leader sang.  I knew one of the songs before I came, but the rest I just enjoyed listening and praying along.

One song they began to sing in Hausa, then they sang in English.  These were the words:

“I will follow Jesus anywhere

No matter the roughness of the road

I will go, I will go

Yes, I will follow Jesus anywhere.”

I remember being overwhelmed at how I felt like a song just said exactly what I was feeling in that moment.  While the physical road we traveled on there was difficult, I thought back to all the things that had led me there.  It was more than just this trip.  It was people 15 years ago investing in me and making me do uncomfortable things.  It was opportunities to follow Jesus into some difficult arenas.  There were good times and difficult times.  There were times of successful ministry and times of humiliating failures, and all the while, Jesus proved Himself to be faithful.

Was the trip to Africa hard?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  Because the glory of God is worth it.  I don’t know all the next steps that Jesus is leading me.  In fact, I’m unsure of the way but I am sure of who is leading me.

I will follow Jesus anywhere, no mater the roughness of the road.