Jesus & the Disciples

What a special day as we celebrated the fact that Jesus prays for his disciples!  In today’s service, we tried to connect the original disciples with current disciples.  The call of Jesus is the same.  The prayers of Jesus are the same.  The goal is the same!

We were blessed to have Cassandra Erickson give us our 2nd installment of “Ni Zan Je” today as we continue to hear about our partnership with the unreached in West Africa.  Her story was powerful.  It was great to follow up her story with a new worship song our team has written called “I Will Follow.”  The song was written for our upcoming “Knowing Jesus” worship album which highlights portions of the life of Christ.  This song deals with Jesus calling of the disciples.

I played this song for Cassandra and some of the others this summer while we were in Africa during a power outage.  It was such a unique time as we sang this feeling connected with Jesus calling us just as He called the first disciples.  It was great to be able to share this song with the church as a whole today!

Today, we worshiped to:

Loved, loved, loved the entire service today.  So powerful to see how God is connecting things among us!

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