Women’s Rights

With all the political conversation going on these days, there is plenty to argue about.  I don’t want to argue.  I don’t want to debate.  Our country is in trouble, and no political leader can fix what is truly broken.

There are so many issues, but you must decide what THE ISSUE is going to be for your this election year.  Is it the economy?  Is it women’s rights?  Is it war policies?  Is it the state of marriage?  Over the last few days as we have discussed in news media concerning women’s rights, this video was brought to my memory.  It truly reminded me of how women’s rights will be a pivotal issue in each and every election forever.  I’m not asking you to agree with this video.  I’m praying it makes you think as it did me.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Rights”

  1. What is the Baptist stance on birth control and sex education? Studies have shown that the more access woman have to birth control the lower the rate of abortion. Also the more education both men and women have the less likely they are to have unprotected sex that would lead to the need for an abortion. Don’t just pray for the repeal of Roe v Wade, do something to make it unnecessary.

    By the way, this is Lindsay Rocamora from way back in elemantary school. Thanks to the power of social media, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months. Congratulations on your beautiful family and all your successes.

    • So great to hear from you, Lindsay!

      Baptists don’t make a definitive line concerning birth control like the Catholic Church does. While ethic committees for Baptists make a distinction between birth control methods (against morning after pill, allowance for other types of methods). Baptists, as a whole, concern themselves with promoting sex solely within marriage which would reduce the abortion rate almost completely.

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