“Knowing Jesus” Wordle

You can tell a lot about something based on what words are used the most.

“Wordle” is a program that you can copy a section of text and it highlights the most used words by making them larger.  The more the word is used, the larger it is displayed.

So, do you know where this wordle is from?

The wordle above is the lyrics from our “Knowing Jesus” album being released on Sept. 30th.  We studied the gospels a bunch.  We wrote songs about key moments in Jesus’ life.  We put them in order.  We developed an entire album that flows from start to finish without interruption.  We put it all together for a night of worship that we are praying will be a night that changes lives.

We would love for you to join us.

The center is Jesus.  His work is finished.  We will follow Him.

Nuff said.

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