21 Tracks

“Knowing Jesus” album is available on Sunday night at North Side.  We are hosting our “Knowing Jesus ” worship event at 6pm and would love to have you join us for worship!

The album is 21 tracks.  We would have done more, but we were seconds away from having to go double-disc.  We have so much music, we aren’t doing it all on Sunday night, but I have listed a track list to give you an idea on what each of these songs are.

  • 1. Prologue – God’s people endured 400 years of divine silence before the Messiah came and changed everything.  No power could stop this King from coming.
  • 2. Come Lord Jesus – All of Creation was waiting for the One full of grace and truth.
  • 3. Gloria – The majestic King came as a humble baby.  Glory to God in the highest.
  • 4. Wisdom & Stature – A little boy grew increasing in wisdom and stature.  He grew in favor with both God and man.
  • 5. You Must Increase – As Jesus grew into a man, his cousin, John the Baptist, cleared the path for Jesus.  His desire was to fade into the background in order to put Jesus on display.
  • 6. It is Written – Before Jesus’ ministry began, He defeated Satan in the wilderness by His refusal to sin.  If it was written in God’s Word, Jesus was committed to obedience.  He was perfect.
  • 7. Words of Life – Jesus taught with authority.  His words gave life to all listening.
  • 8. I Will Follow – Jesus called ordinary men to follow Him to change the world.
  • 9. Our Father – When Jesus prayed, things happened.  Here’s how He taught us to pray.
  • 10. Peace Be Still – The waves and the storm obey this man.
  • 11. All Things are Possible – Jesus made the impossible possible.  Help our unbelief.
  • 12. You are the Christ – Everyone had an opinion concerning Jesus’ identity.  For Peter, the proof was undeniable – Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah.
  • 13. Friend of Sinners – Jesus loved the unlovable and befriended sinners.
  • 14. Hosanna – At the height of His ministry, people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as King.
  • 15. Woe to You – While sinners adored Him, the religious leaders hated Jesus.
  • 16. Not My Will – Alone in the garden, Jesus accepted the task before Him.
  • 17. The Betrayal – One of the 12 sneaks away to betray, and sinners arrest the Sinless One.
  • 18. It is Finished – The debt of sin was forever paid at the cross of Christ.
  • 19. Risen – Death was swallowed up the Sunday morning when Jesus rose from the grave.
  • 20. Go – The gospel message of Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves.  We must go.
  • 21. Epilogue – As we wait for His return, we will be found faithful following Jesus.