Pilate’s Judgment

Powerful time of worship this morning at North Side.  The above picture was a pretty special moment as Jeff served as both pastor and father to some missionaries we commissioned.  Jeff’s daughter, Emily, Scott, and Baby Lucy are leaving this week to serve as missionaries in Africa.  It has been amazing to watch this father be so proud of his family for a decision that will keep them far from the comforts that we take for granted and yet so much closer to Jesus through their obedience.  It was an honor to pray for them – will continue to do so!  We have some prayer cards at the church for you!

Today, we worshiped to:

Special time as we sang songs from the Knowing Jesus project.  So much heart in the worship this morning – loved it!

It was also amazing as we celebrated how God has blessed our church financially last year.  As we passed the new budget, it was a time for worship as we realized how much God has allowed us to really be good stewards of the funds He has given us and how our budget is prayed over so much – loved it!