Knowing Jesus Recap (And What’s Next)

I know I am two weeks behind to give you a “Knowing Jesus” recap, but things have been a tad busy as of late.  In short, the event exceeded my expectations which were very large.  After all the prayer, study, work, and preparation into this event and resource, I set the bar high in my mind.  I never imagined what would happen that night.

I thought the entire roof was about to blow off the building.  When God’s people responded to the revelation of Jesus Christ, it was beyond intense.  As the storyline unfolded as we told the life and ministry of Christ through song, genuine, passionate worship erupted among us.

I had many comments (some of them were very sup rising), and here are the most repeated ones:

  • “Please tell me you are going to do that again.  I have someone who needs to be here.”  Over and over, we heard people wish they would have brought more people.  They didn’t know “it was going to be like that.”
  • “‘Woe to You’ was my favorite song and the most impacting of the whole night.”  Way shocked by this one.  I honestly thought before we sang it, this is going to be too edgy and people aren’t going to like this.  I had more comments about the nature of that song than any other.
  • “There is no way all those songs came from our church.”  Yep, it’s true.  God has blessed us with some amazing people, and all of those songs were written from people I get to work with!
We were way humbled to be a part of that night, and so as way of updates, here goes:
  • Greenwood Repeat – We are planning on doing at least a couple of repeats of that night around Easter weekend (Good Friday, maybe Saturday)!  The plan is to have 2-3 options to bring folks to March 29-30.  More details to come!
  • North Greenville University – We are taking the entire event to NGU on Monday, Oct. 22nd for a bonus chapel at 7pm.  Come on out!  More details here.
  • Moncks Corner – We are also going to lead worship at FBC Moncks Corner on November 25th with the “Knowing Jesus” event.
  • Some other events on the horizon – stay tuned…
  • And, if you are out of the area, you can get your copy of all the 21 tracks from the event on iTunes.
Thanks again for your prayers and your support – enjoy some of these pictures from our runthrough the Saturday before taken by Paige Stumbo.