“Risen” – Storytellers

The song “Risen” off of our “Knowing Jesus” project was 1 of the 2 original group writing sessions we did.  John, Jamie, Laura, and Phillip camped out in my playroom and studied the 4 gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection.  After a while, they had a pre-chorus section and a few different chorus ideas.  The “come and see, the tomb is empty, He is risen” was the first section written.

We knew we wanted minor verses, major choruses.  We also decided that we wanted the mood to carry over from “It Is Finished” before it.  We wanted to convey at the beginning a sense of hopelessness and confusion.  So the song starts out with just pad and vocal.  Was the cross the end?  Now what?  We wanted people to experience what the disciples must have felt.

The rest of the song is a rowdy celebration of the power over death found in Jesus’ resurrection.

A lot of collaboration was done for this song as we introduced it on Easter weekend this year.  Ted’s voice was perfect for the song as he displays such energy and power as he belts out this declaration.

While the entire “Knowing Jesus” event was incredible, I thought the entire roof was going to lift off the church building release night when we finally got to this moment in Christ’s life!  “Jesus is risen indeed.”

Get chord charts for entire album here.

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