“Words of Life” – Storytellers

The song “Words of Life” focuses on the teaching ministry of Jesus.  As we developed the “Knowing Jesus” project, we knew that we needed to designate one sone specifically to display the power of Jesus’ preaching.  He was known as teaching with authority, and His lessons are still discussed 2000 years later after their origination.  That is something unique!

We wrote this song in a different way than the others.

One night, before practice, I divided up the band for that week into small groups.  I gave them each a Bible and some index cards.  I told them to write down the most memorable teaching statements from Jesus.  We filled up so many cards, that we could of filled up an entire album on just this idea.

I took those ideas and began to craft some verses.  I would have to change minimal phrasing, but the hardest part was picking what to leave out!

For the chorus, I took Peter’s statement at the end of John 6 as the basis.  When Jesus’ teaching was too difficult for many to swallow and people were walking away, He asked the disciples, “Are you gonna go too?”

Peter replied, “Where else could we go?  You have words of life!”

Therefore, the verses are 1st person from Jesus, and the chorus is our response to Jesus’ revelation: “O, where else could we go, for we have come to know, that Jesus, You, are the Christ, and you speak words of life!”

Eric did a fantastic job singing this song and we really enjoyed arranging it very folksy.  Hope you enjoy it!

Get chord charts for entire album here.

Listen to a snippet below or get your copy on iTunes.