Date Night with Mom

This is a picture of my oldest, Obadiah, when he was prepping to take his mom out on a date the other night.  My duty as a father is to turn this boy into a man and teach him how to treat a lady.  These moments also provide time for parents to have one-on-one time with a child in an ever-increasingly busy home.

As I was preparing him, Amanda had taken Eli to the grocery store, so I had to prep him.  I was blown away by all that he said.  Here’s the summary of the conversation:

Obie: “Daddy, can I wear that tie I wore when you went to school?” (this was the tie he wore to my doctoral graduation over 2 years ago).
“I want to look like a man.  And I want to smell like a man.”

Me: “Well, son.  There are 2 types of man smells.  1 women like.  1 women do not like.”

Obie: “Hmmm.”

Me: “Right now, you smell like an outdoors man.  That’s the smell the women do not like.  Put on some of Daddy’s deodarant.”

Obie: “Is it spicy?”

Me: “No, it won’t burn.”

Obie: “I don’t want it.  I don’t like it.”

Me:  “Just try it.  You said you wanted to be a man.”

Obie: “But I don’t wanna be a man.”

Me: “OK.  How about some aftershave?”

Obie: “Yeah, I’ll do that…Ooo, I smell like a man.”

Me: “Now, let’s get the rest of you dressed.”

Obie: “Dad, what socks are my date socks?”

Me: “Get your brown socks out.”

Obie: “So my brown socks are my date socks?  Do men pull their date socks all the way up or leave them down?  How do you wear your date socks?  I want to be like you, Dad.”

Me: “Old men like Dad pull them all the way up.”

Obie:  Giggle, giggle.

Me: “Do you have a flower?”

Obie: “Oh, no.  I forgot.  I know where some are!”

Me: “Pick it quick.  I see the car coming, we have to run!”

[Gets in the position seen in picture above.  Mom cries upon entrance.]

Obie: “Mommy, I smell like a man!  Arrgh, arrgh, arrgh!”

Me: “Buddy, do you have money to pay for your date’s meal?”

Obie: “Oh, no!  I don’t have any money.”

Me: “Quick – get your wallet!  I will let you borrow some money.  But when you get there tonight, pull out your wallet and pay for dinner.  Make sure you open Mommy’s door wherever you go.  You guys be safe and come home before curfew.”

As I began to cook supper for Eli, Gloria, and myself, I was tired yet joyful.  Mom is honored.  Sons are learning how to treat women.  And I adore being Dad.

I love being a Dad.

UPDATED (11/3/12)

It is officially Eli’s turn to take Mom out on the town.  The smile says it all.  This handsome stud was giddy since he got his haircut today getting ready to take her out.  He’s been saving his favorite blue shirt for the date.  When we told him he got to take her out tonight, he ran and jumped in her lap and began to hug her.  That boy loves his mommy, and I know why.

I am one blessed man.  Here’s the recap of Eli’s date night.

6 thoughts on “Date Night with Mom”

  1. Am reading this with tears in my eyes, i have to do this for my son so he grows up to be just like his dad

  2. This is so tender! Your sons are adorable! What a great idea! I’m pinning this in case we have a son one day!

  3. What a sweet story!! I will pin this, will defenetely teach my son this when he’s older! Thank you for sharing…

  4. I’ve seen so many posts on Pinterest about taking your kids on dates to make the kid feel special. (Which has always seemed like ridiculous spoiling to me).
    This one is all about teaching your child how to make someone else feel special! I love this idea and plan to adapt it for my daughter and husband someday. Thank you so much for sharing! (Especially the photos of your adorable sons!)

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