Agnew Halloween 2012

Can you guess who the Agnew kids are this Halloween?  Eli and Obadiah are pretty obvious.  Dressing up as Mario and Luigi, these 2 plumbers are ready to take on the likes of Bowser and his minions.

But to do so, they are gonna need some extra fire power, so that’s where this little flower in the middle pops up and helps them out.  If you’ve played Super Mario Bros., you get it, if not, you will have to see some more pictures to help you out.

Do you see the resemblance now?

Gloria is dressed up as the flower in the question box.  We thought it was a cute way to dress her up, and an easy way to keep up with her during today’s festivities – more 7 month olds need to be confined to a box.  It just works very nicely.

Obadiah wasn’t too keen on the idea of putting his sister in a box and punching her bottom.  I told him we didn’t have to hit her, she would just pop out on her own.  He was OK with it then.

Originally, the boys were given these costumes as a present just for play, but since then the two of them had decided to switch characters since their first display of these courageous brothers.

The pic below is of the boys trying to get Gloria to focus on the camera.

The next pic is us sizing Gloria up for box sizes.

And here’s the lil’ precious flower herself.

We have  a day full of fun.  If you are in the Greenwood area and needing a place to have some family fun, come out to North Side from 6-8.  Details here!

And in the spirit of Mario Bros., enjoy this clip of some people who are really dedicated to this game and their music: