Feed My Sheep

Over a year in the study of the Book of John, we finally came to the conclusion in chapter 21.  This study has been amazing in my life and for our church.  Time spent on Jesus is never wasted!

I was amazed yet again at how the Holy Spirit united so many elements of the service.  From the worship songs, to the testimonies, to the message, to the invitation, I love it when He brings everything together.

We had Edgar give us a report from his seminary and missionary work in Mexico.  I was overwhelmed with joy as I thought how so many people at North Side had invested in Edgar and how many people had been impacted by him.  To see him using all that God has done in his life over the year was incredible!

Today, we worshiped to:

Jeff’s message was so thought-provoking.  “Do I love Jesus more than these?”  What am I willing to do for Him?  Will I feed His sheep?  Am I committed to equipping and discipling the believers in our congregation?  Awesome stuff.

Incredible time of worship and Jesus-focused time.  Honored to be along for the journey.

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