“I Will Follow” – Storytellers

This week’s storyteller song is “I Will Follow” from “Knowing Jesus.”  This song was written to describe Jesus’ calling of the disciples and their willingness to follow him.  As our church has been engaging in the Great Commission more than ever, this song has been a very special song for us.

The song was written a few days before I left for West Africa this summer.  I huddled up some of our worship leaders on a Tuesday and we got a lot of writing done.  The 1st song we focused on was this one.  Strutton, Kennerly, Nivens, and myself got into the Word, hopped on some instruments and began writing this song out.  The first line that came out: “The very thought is overwhelming, almost too good to be true, that someone so undeserving would be chosen by someone like you.”  It turned into a ballad that starts very low key but then erupts towards the middle with some fun minor 4ths and large crescendos.

The first time I led it I was with some pretty special people and there was a pretty special response:

After a week of ministry in West Africa, the power was out in the town, the water was out, and a storm was coming.  I sat in our missionaries’ home with some of our short term team and some of our college summer missionaries.  Cassie and Sam asked where we were in the “Knowing Jesus” project, and I told them of the songs we had been working on.  The only one I could remember without words in front of me was “I Will Follow.”  As I led that song in the dark for these Kingdom-focused worshipers, we worshiped.  We cried.  We were reminded of why we were there.  “What good is it to gain the whole world and along the way lose my soul, I will follow you.”

Hope you enjoy this song!

Get chord charts for entire album here.

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