You Promised Us Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth CoverAlmost didn’t write this song.  Definitely close to finishing project and not recording it.  Didn’t want an album full of bluegrass Christmas songs to be interrupted by an original that didn’t connect.

Surprisingly, the song “Peace on Earth” has meant so much to our congregation in light of personal struggles and in light of national events like the shooting in Newtown.  We wrote and released the CD, “Peace on Earth,” and then the tragedy at Sandy Hook happened.

The video above is the song put to some different imagery from the tragedy.  We played it during our services on the screen behind us as we sang it the Sunday after the tragedy.

Our prayer for the people of Newtown, Greenwood, and every other city full of hurt is that they will know the peace that can only come from Jesus.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the song, you can do so here.