58 Tracks

NSW 2012.002-004

At the beginning of 2012, I huddled our worship team together to dream a bit.  I started with the slide above.  As worship leaders, I wanted us all to grow a bit.  I wanted us to respond to God’s revelation through worship, but I also wanted us to begin to really pray how we could apply Colossians 3:16 in our church.  How could our worship team better disciple and teach our church the truths of God’s Word?

Part of the answer?





NSW 2012.023-001


We decided we were going to write some new worship music and record some of it to help cement biblical truths in the ears and hearts of our church.  Back in January, I showed them the 4 albums we recorded over the last 4 years, and I cast a vision to record 4 albums all within the upcoming year.

  • 1. Sermon Remix 2011 – This one turned into 10 sermon jams cut down and put to music.  One of the most talked about resources we have ever done.  
  • 2. Enter His Gates – This one started out as a remix of a couple of songs, but turned into a 16-song album of original worship songs, with 2 of them live.
  • 3. Knowing Jesus – On that night, I gave them a list of song titles.  The songs were not written, but we set out to write an album that looked at Christ’s life chronologically.  The most rewarding musical project I was ever part of.  Jesus, Jesus, and more of Jesus.
  • 4. Peace on Earth: A Bluegrass Christmas – The final installment struck a chord with our church with 9 Christmas songs, 1 hymn, and 1 original all in a bluegrass flavor.

58 tracks last year of music.  4 albums.  God did exceedingly abundantly what we asked of him.  We were able to play out in the community at events like we prayed that night to share the gospel through music outside the walls.  We got to go to minister at other churches and colleges.  Powerful time, can’t wait to see what God has in store next!

You can preview these albums here!