The Truth About Jesus


There is something so strong when church worship is centered around the Word of God and not ourselves.  While a commitment to and a love for the Bible has always been present at North Side, it just seems as if it grows in intensity each week.  I am so thrilled with what is going on at North Side!

In an effort to grow further in the Word, Jeff mentioned 3 upcoming events to continue discipleship: 1) NSU – 2 year intensive study in becoming a disciple-maker, 2) Marriage Getaway – weekend growth for married couples, and 3) Knowing Jesus – outreach events on Easter Weekend sharing the gospel through music and message.  If you want more details on these events, go here.

Today, we worshiped to:

Both services today were so full of energy and passion as we worshiped.  With different things going on in our church family, I was overwhelmed watching our family worship today amidst such circumstances.  We sing truth, and when we sing it, we mean it.  I am in awe of our band, choir, tech team, and host team each week for pointing people towards Jesus.  These are some special times.

Jeff’s message from 1 John was so good.  Full of life, not afraid of being bold, and full of God’s unadulterated truth.  Lives are being changed and God is being glorified.  Let’s march on.