Walk in the Light


I’ve tried to make the biblical text of the day always guide our services, but recently I’ve felt the need to take it a step further.  As a worship leader, I sometimes feel like I need to state the obvious.  I don’t pick out songs based on what songs I would like to sing.  I design a service to set the table for the Word to be proclaimed.  I love it when the Word has already been proclaimed before the preacher gets on the platform.

So, today, I stated the obvious.  Since 1 John 1:5-2:2 was the focal text in which the service was designed, I read different passages as we went through the service.  Since the 1st section came from the 1st section of the service, I tried to connect the dots for the worshipers.  Same thing for the 2nd part and following.  Hopefully, our church is able to see the biblical intentionality that we take for every single thing that goes in a service.

Today, we worshiped to:

Powerful message today.  Incredible time of worship.  Jason Allen absolutely blew me away with his Africa testimony.  Communion was memorable.  Love the Word.  Love this church.  Love me some Jesus.