Learn How to Make Disciples

I am thrilled that NSU is starting up this Sunday, Feb. 10th!

North Side University is a 2-year intensive training for those interested in growing as a disciple-maker.  The training is comprised of course information, practicum experiences, and intentional mentorship.  At the end of the 2 years, a completion of this program would equip a disciple-maker to effectively carry out the Great Commission within his or her specific context.

THE 2-YEAR PLAN consists of:

  • 4 courses meeting weekly that last 3 months each
  • 4 practicums following each course that focuses upon reading, meetings, and application in ministry context
  • The order is as follows:


  • DISCIPLESHIP – The discipleship course trains leaders in fulfilling the Great Commission locally and globally.
  • OLD TESTAMENT – The Old Testament course gives the learner a grasp on how to interpret, teach, and apply the biblical literature from Genesis to Malachi.
  • NEW TESTAMENT – The New Testament course focuses upon the biblical text from Matthew to Revelation focusing upon the role of Christ and the building of his Church.
  • LEADERSHIP – The leadership course is an extensive study on the biblical role, function, and calling of leaders.


  • DEVELOPMENT – The development practicum assists in developing tools for personal spiritual growth.
  • FAMILY – The family practicum ensures that disciple-makers are fulfilling their biblical roles within the home.
  • PROCLAMATION – The proclamation practicum trains leaders in how to handle and teach the Bible in an unashamed manner.  This time will focus upon hermeneutics and homiletics.
  • ELECTIVE – The elective practicum would allow the participant to select a certain area of ministry to receive further training and practice with supervision.

For those of you interested, you can still sign up!  Even if you can’t join us in person, you can join us online!

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