“It Is Written” – Storytellers

There was an ironic joke that was shared concerning the song “It Is Written” from our “Knowing Jesus” project.  With all the songs complete and recorded, there was only song that had not yet been written.  It’s name?  “It Is Written.”

To say that this song barely made it on there is an understatement.

We wanted a song to focus on Jesus’ sinless perfection.  We wanted to tell the story of how Jesus stayed faithful during the temptation of Satan.  It needed to be a little eerie, but a lot triumphant.

And we could just not land on the song.

The only thing we had was a bass line provided by Michael Davis.  I had come up with some fun musical ideas.  We had some diminished stuff going on, but we couldn’t lyrically put it together.  I didn’t want to rush it, so we kept pressing pause on it.

Until the last 2 days before we had to send the project off, we realized we needed to finish the song.  John Kennerly and I locked ourselves in the studio and made ourselves finish the song.  It turned out to be one of our favorites.  The verses sound like temptation is going on, the interludes sound like Satan is sneaking around, but the choruses and bridge makes it feel like Jesus is defeating the darkness.

One of my favorite lines comes from verse 2 which says “there is no provision, there is no power, there is no protection like our God’s” which succinctly spells out each of the 3 temptations that Satan threw at Jesus.

There are also some fun musical stuff going on throughout the song which we tried to have a musical feel like good and evil were battling with Jesus always triumphing.

Get chord charts for entire album here.

Listen to a snippet below or get your copy on iTunes.