Hate Sin


What a special time of worship today!  I am so thankful that while we had some curve balls thrown our way today via technology bothers, we have a such a special group of volunteers that make things happen in such a great way week in and week out!

We were so blessed to have Cassie back with us today.  Such a special time just to see the church love on her.  Excited about the movement of the gospel among us.  OG also gave us directions for the way we are wrapping up our Love {in}Deed Sunday next week with a North Side staff vs. Burton Center clients basketball game Sunday 7PM.  Can’t wait!

Today, we worshiped to:

I don’t think our band has ever been tighter and more focused than they were today.  We have really been working on songs lately getting ready for “Knowing Jesus.”  Everything was just solid in the pocket today.  Expressive and passionate, but locked in.  I noticed how it takes so much work to get there, but how it actually causes a better environment for worship because it’s easier for others to join along in the worship.  All the songs done today are from our “Knowing Jesus” project, and it is so special to see our church rally behind these songs birthed out of the gospels.

Tammy also did a spoken word track in between “You Are the Christ” and “Friend of Sinners.”  Her passion and words were spot on.  She built the bridge for the great chasm between these two songs.  We are all still amazed that the Christ could love sinners like us!

Jeff’s message was so incredibly powerful.  If we truly are born of God, we are going to live righteously.  We will not make a practice of sin.  We will not live in a state of Gnosticism in which we can believe the right things but it have no change upon how we live.  So, so good.  Praying for those gospel seeds to grow!