Love {in}Deed


What a great day of worship all day long with North Side!  What started in a worship center ended all over the community.  When the service ended, the real service began!

Our church left worship and went to every corner of Greenwood and showed love in deeds rather than in just words.  As we studied 1 John 3:18, we decided to put it into practice.

Today, we worshiped to:

We went a lil’ organic for Sunday.  Many of the students who stayed at my house for Disciple Now this weekend made up the worship band.  I played banjo and the bass drum, so that was a stretch but I liked the challenge.  We had a lot of acoustic instruments and it was just a fun, rowdy time.

For the invitation, I changed from service to service as I listened to Jeff’s message.  I went into “Unite Us Together,” but I added some of “I Need You to Survive” for the 11.

The invitation was great.  We had people come up to the front and fill out cards of different needs they had.  Whether it was physical, emotional, or spiritual, we asked them to fill it out.  We had so many responses and we are already working on meeting those needs.  I love being the church!