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We have some exciting news to share with you today!

1. We are almost out of tickets for Knowing Jesus this weekend.  There are a few left for Saturday.  Friday is completely gone.  Now, these are free tickets.  So, we anticipate some tickets being out and not being used.  We will have overflow, and there is a chance that we will have extra seats – even on Friday.  The best bet is to get there.  We will open doors at 6:30.  If you do not have a ticket, we will give you a holding ticket.  If there are seats in the auditorium at 6:55, you come on in.  We are overwhelmed at the response.  We shouldn’t be surprised.  Jesus would attract a standing room only crowd back then, no reason He wouldn’t do it now.  Even if it is super packed, let’s rejoice in the fact and get cozy to the people next to you!

2. We are making a live recording from this weekend!  We have been making preparations for this for a while but held back the news of it.  God has placed some wonderful friends in our lives that are helping record a live DVD and CD from this weekend’s service.

You hear people say that live is usually better than the studio version, and I would agree with that most of the time.  Especially in this setting, the response of the whole body is what makes this special.  When you get to the resurrection, there is no way to describe what happens every time we lead this service.  The passionate worship of “It Is Finished” needed to be captured.  And we feel like this entire story is worth telling in any type of medium in which we can capture.

Our band, vocalists, tech team, actors, readers, painters, etc. have been so busy doing this in an excellent manner.  If you have experienced this night of worship with us before, I will throw a teaser out there: it’s a little bit different.  We analyzed every detail.  We worked painstakingly on each moment.  We want to paint a beautiful picture of Jesus.

If you are joining us, we need your help!  Warm up those vocal chords and get ready to be a part of the big choir.  Sing out.  Love on Jesus.  Celebrate the fact that our God is not dead – He is alive!

If you are interested in these resources, we will have some pre-order available for you, and we will even have a shipping option for those of you outside of the Greenwood area.

Please pray for us as we put the finishing touches on this event.  Pray for lives to be changed.  After we did an abbreviated presentation of this in Pickens this weekend, a man received Christ.  It was such a reminder of the holy ground we are walking upon.  We are treading softly.  We are proclaiming the gospel.  We are on our knees anticipating a mighty move of God in our midst.

Hope to see you there!


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